How Do I Get Back My Boyfriend If I Broke His Heart?

If reservations were made at the Heartbreak Hotel each time a relationship broke up, they would need to build an extension to the hotel the size of Tennessee and probably Arkansas too. Thousands of people break up each week for many different reasons, which will leave one, if not both of you feeling broken hearted. Many women will have contemplated after perhaps too hasty a decision to end a relationship, 'how do I get back my boyfriend if broke his heart?'

Solving this issue depends on how you broke his heart in the first place, as telling him you were leaving because of his bad body odor is somewhat different to cheating on him. The latter is clearly going to severely damage your boyfriend's trust in you, and whilst not an irreparable situation, it will be a long road ahead before you regain that trust. Let's hope that line from another Elvis song: "we can't go on together, with suspicious minds", doesn't always ring true.

First of all you need to think about whether you broke his heart for a deliberate reason or whether it was a spur of the moment act of madness. In other words do you really want him back and if so you need to think about how do I get my boyfriend back if I broke his heart? Well an important thing to remember is it was that that broke off the relationship, and therefore it is highly likely that he still has strong feelings for you.

So when you come to offer an olive branch as a gesture of reconciliation, your ex boyfriend should be quite receptive and open to talks. Arrange to meet up and apologize to him for what you may have said or done to hurt his feelings, and be prepared to admit you may well have been wrong. This may not lead to an immediate reconciliation but will show you still care and could provide the chance to be friends again.

Once you are back on speaking terms you can remind him of the good times you had together and exactly why he fell in love with you in the first place. Don't overplay it by jumping on top of the poor guy at the first opportunity, but act naturally and listen to what he has to say. If you are still wondering how do I get back my boyfriend if I broke his heart, well keep a little distance from each other and let him miss you so that eventually he calls you with another line from Elvis 'Suspicious Minds: "Let's don' t let a good thing die ".