30 Years Later – Where Is He Now?

It is thirty years since the man who brought rock and roll to the masses died. And what better way to bid a final farewell to the King than to visit his Graceland home?

For Elvis fans around the world, 1977 is the day music well and truly died. The man who made women swoon, men envious and everybody dance may have died three decades ago but his legacy is as strong as ever which is why the Graceland holiday package is becoming increasingly popular.

The package is an Elvis fan’s dream. You’ll receive a full tour of Graceland, the home Elvis shared with wife Priscilla and daughter Lisa-Marie. You’ll then be giving a guided tour of the Sun Studio where the King recorded some of his best works.

You’ll also get the chance to board Elvis’s airplanes and get free admission into the Sincerely Elvis memorabilia museum which is packed with fantastic items that provide a real insight into the man himself.

With the Graceland package you get the opportunity to pick an extra Memphis attraction to visit with choices ranging from Blues City Café to the Memphis Rock ‘n’ Soul Museum. Finally you get the chance to say a proper farewell to the King at his final resting place, the Meditation Garden.

Whether you’re a fan of Elvis or not the Graceland vacation gives you the chance to experience a little bit of history and witness the life of the legend who single handedly changed the face of music.