Alabama’s Orange Beach and Gulf of Mexico’s Shore

Alabama is the 30th largest state in United States. They have a total square mile of 52,423. This state is known by many as the Yellowhammer State. This state dares to defend the right of their people.

Alabama is one of the best vacation spots in United States during spring and summer. It has many beautiful beaches where you can hang out and relax. Their summer season is also crowded because of the deep southern heat. This kind of summer weather actually draws a lot of tourists to the place.

Alabama is crowded during spring and summer. But come winter season, Alabama seems to be non-existent because it has no clear vision during snowfall. Visiting at winter will just make your trip futile.

Alabama has good industries in mining, making of steel and in agriculture hydroelectric power. These industries boom well in Alabama.

The waters in Alabama are the major destinations of tourist every time they visit. They have rivers and lakes that are nice to visit. The major rivers to visit in Alabama are Alabama River, Tombigbee River, Chattahoochee River and Tennessee River. Their major lakes are Lewis Smith Lake, Guntersville Lake, West Point Lake and Wilson Lake.

The famous attraction of Alabama is the Orange Beach and Gulf of Mexico’s Shore. These are the very popular spot to visit in Alabama. These places have lots of beaches that have clear and blue water.

The Orange beach’s charter fishing fleet is the largest is Alabama. It has a total of eighty eight listed boats. There are salt anglers that reel in Marlin and Red Snappers. There are available cruise for all kind of dinners. Sailing and diving can also be best in this place.

Other beaches include the Roma Beach, Gulf Shore Public Beach and Alabama Point. The Roma Beach is the best place for activities such as strolling or picnics. All of these can be done under the sun. The Gulf of Shore Public Beach is a party place. This is a field party place where all you want to do is permitted. You can toast yourself while having a sun bathing or while playing beach sports like volleyball. Drinks are also offered here through there beach bars. The Alabama Point is one of the widest beaches that are picture perfect. This beach is high dune with a wide boardwalk.

Marinas are widely present in Orange Beach or Gulf Shore. Some of these marinas include SanRoc Cay and Bear Point Marina. Boat services are too many to mention but it definitely includes Jet Ski.

The Orange Beach and Gulf of Mexico Shore has lots of parks to offer. The most modest among all parks in here are the Waterfront Park. This is one best family park on Wolf Bay. It can offer activities that the whole family can enjoy. The Gulf State Park is one large park that has beaches, trails and lakes.

All kinds of water sports activities are offered here. Bon Secour National Wildlife Refuge has nearby lagoons that visitors can offer. You can see large migratory birds in here. This park can offer you great activities from dawn ’til dusk. The Orange Beach Red Snapper World Championship happening annually is also held in Orange Beach Alabama.

There are many more to be seen in Alabama. The Orange Beach and Gulf of Mexico’s Shore are just a few that you can visit during your stay in Alabama. They also have lots of area attractions that you can visit so if you are trying to visit America, try to drop by Alabama. You won’t regret being here.