Enjoy the Wilderness at the Smokies With Secluded Smoky Mountain Cabins

The Smokies-the Great Smoky Mountains mountain range spanning Tennessee and North Carolina is a wonder of nature. Home to 187,000 acres of old growth forest, the range is one of the most diverse ecosystems in North America. It is also home to the densest black bear population and the most diverse salamander population in the Eastern United States.

If you plan to truly enjoy and experience the wilderness and nature the way it was intended to be, a few nights stay in a secluded Smoky Mountain cabin is the way to go. Do not let the word “secluded” scare you though, these cabins are safe, completely monitored, and (some) come full with amenities. These cabins are businesses and the people behind them are professionals-they will not let anyone in harm’s way.

The seclusion experience comes right after you and your family have settled in the cabin. You will be left alone in a quiet and peaceful spot amidst the trees, maybe atop a hill, with a nice view of part of the mountain range. At night, nothing will remind you of the busy and cluttered metropolis life you left behind, and the only sounds you will hear are those of nature’s most amazing creatures.

Forget about being closely-monitored as it will not get in the way of your serene atmosphere. It is only there for emergencies or if you need something. It is part of what you pay for; it is a service that is mostly there for your peace of mind.

The cabins offered these days come in many different styles, sizes, and prices. There are those that can accommodate even the biggest of families, while the others are more-suited for honeymooners and backpackers. Renting a cabin has also now been made easy because of online booking.

When in the Smokies, be sure to arrange for visits to the other tourist destinations and attractions like the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The park offers fun attractions and activities such as hiking and fishing. The Smokies is also home to the legendary Smokey Mountain Knife Works -the world’s largest knife store and museum, and, more recently, to Tennessee’s largest water park resort, so you might want to plan for those as well.

The Smokies is a great place to be in-it is a fun experience for families both big and small, for honeymooners, and even for backpackers. Make sure you allot enough time for a trip because you would not want to miss the numerous attractions due to time constraints. And after a tiring day from all the fun sights and activities, nothing beats retiring the day in a secluded mountain cabin.