Terrific Work From Home Jobs

Undoubtedly, anyone with an email account has received Work From Home! Make A Fortune! ads touting what are almost certainly scams. Pay us and we'll tell you how to make zillions at home stuffing envelopes. Never happen … Does that mean, though, there are no real, legitimate work from home? Of course not. As a matter of fact, many, many home-based jobs exist with more being added every day.

The reason is simple. Our modern computers, even our smartphones, are immensely powerful machines which can do almost everything done by machines in an office. Many home offices are also equipped with fax machines, becoming every day more obsolete, as well as all-in-one printers which will copy, scan, fax and whistle Yankee Doodle. These machines, once the province of costly office setups, are now cheap and abundant. Equipped with these tools and maybe a camera or a flip camcorder, also cheap cheap, the average homebody is ready to find home employment.

Here are a few likely scenarios. How about a customer service rep? You may have noticed that customer service reps today seem to have no geographic relationship to the home office. Some I've queried are in Halifx, Cork, Bangalore, Tennessee, Manila and points in between. What do you need to get going in this gig? How about a computer, an email account, a telephone or possibly two phones, including a landline, a headset and a comfortable chair. Oh, yes, and a good command of English. It's this latter that is sending companies back home to the USA due to popular demand.

The pay for these jobs isn't great at about $ 9 per hour with, of course, no benefits, but that's at least grocery money. How do you get such a job? Some potential employers, such as hotel chains, airlines or internet businesses might hire direct. Other positions are available from virtual call center operators.

Did you know that attorneys and law firms are constantly looking for virtual potential jurors? This is not your civic duty, but rather a dry-run group for attorneys. How would someone in your demographic view this type of case or this defendant? That's what they want to know before the trial, and they are willing to pay their make-believe jurors for their time. Again, pay is not great, but every few bucks counts, right? Check out online jury companies, such as EJury or OnlineJury. Qualifications are the same as for a regular juror-no felons, please.

Maybe you had an office job, know the Microsoft Office suite like the palm of your hand, but got laid off or injured or whatever. Have you ever thought about becoming a virtual assistant? You offer your services or pick a job from employer postings. The job could be as simple as making a spreadsheet look more presentable to helping an author put together a book. Or, it might be cold calling, lead checking, or any of a number of other tasks. Today, many entrepreneurs use virtual assistants; some use nothing but. Think of entrepreneurs with heavy paperwork such as real estate agents, investors, internet marketers or any of a variety of others. If you have special qualifications, such as paralegal, accounting or medical, then you are golden.

Since you are your own employer as a virtual assistant, you set the fees or accept the fee offered. This is your opportunity to start your own online business offering your services to others. Just remember that as in customer service rep jobs, competition comes not only from North America but from other countries where English is spoken. Today that includes India and the Philippines. Again, many employers prefer native English-speakers who are culturally similar to themselves and will pay a premium for their services.

Where do you find such jobs? Google-virtual assistant. It may take awhile to attract a following, but impress even one steady employer and you can guarantee yourself quite a bit of extra income.

These are just a few of the many legitimate job opportunities for those who prefer to work at home. Of course, it's still work. Wearing jammies and drinking coffee may be, though, a far easier way to make a few dollars than "dressing for success" and trying to beat the traffic on a long commute.