Elvis and Graceland – His Memphis Office and Home

Elvis – the hip-swiveling singer with a penchant for giant quiffs and banana and peanut-butter-deep-fried-sandwiches. Who doesn't love a good Elvis number?

There is a ditty for everyone; the sad and lonely enjoy the bluesy flavor of 'Heartbreak Hotel', the young romantics 'Can't Help Falling in Love' and the randy gentleman gracing the dance floor want 'A Little Less Conversation' (A little more action please).

Known for the suggestive way he danced, Elvis was a breath of fresh air amongst other 1950's singers that made up the contemporary music scene. Described as 'Elvis the Pelvis', he went on to have massive billboard hits, become a Hollywood actor and generate a massive fan base.
But there is also something else Elvis is known for.

Presley bought the Graceland estate in 1957 – ever since then, the place has become synonymous with his name and a multitude of fans still visit the house today.

The limestone building is made up of 23 rooms including eight bedrooms and bathrooms. Elvis renovated parts of the property and created an area he called the Meditation Gardens. It is here where he was buried after his death in 1977.

The building, which Elvis partially used as his Memphis office base, was converted into a museum a few years later. His wife, Priscilla Presley, became the estate executor and came up with the plan to open the building to public viewings in an attempt to fund the yearly $ 500,000 it was costing to keep the property running.

Opened in June 1982, the space was declared a National Historic Landmark on March 27th 2006. Over 600,000 visitors tour the private home each year, making it second only to the number of people who visit the White House. The new museum generated enough capital to match the amount of money invested in it within a month of opening illustrating the ever-present wide spread appeal Elvis still has today.

It is clear that Presley's Memphis office space and home has become a giant tourist attraction and brings much business to the Tennessee area. It is safe to say that those swiveling hips have generated more than just a plethora of swooning female fans; they have created a business empire that produces enough money to keep the locals swimming in deep-fried chicken and banana sandwiches.