CFTC vs Crypto Options

Intent on investing in cryptocurrency exchange and hot water employment exchange with the U.S. Futures Commission (CFTC) and allegations that it operates in the pyramid system.

In a press release Wednesday, Sept. 30, the CFTC says it will charge the Nevada-based circuit and its David Gilbert Zephron petitioner for fraudulent solicitation and misappropriation of investor funds, as well as registration violations.

With his girlfriend, Zafron offered binary options and cryptocurrency currencies and said he had invested $ 11 million and bitcoin since 2017.

The complaint alleges that Saffron fraudulently demanded at least 14 people participate in a circulation investment pool run by the Circulation Association, with a false claim by its trading expertise and a “guarantee of 300% profit”.

Instead of investing in binary options contracts in actual trading, Saffron used the funds – transferred to his crypto wallet – to pay off other participants, “according to the Ponzi scheme.” Most likely lies in the textile.

CFTC Chairman Heath Traverse said:

bitcoin price

“21st Century digital assets and other commodities are a great promise for our economy. Fraud schemes are likely to not only annoy innocent people by making hard money but also threaten the development of responsibility for these new and innovative markets.”

The court ordered that all property of the Saffron and Circle Association be frozen, as well as financial records. The discussion will take place on October 29.

The CFTC is looking for a cash plan, with fines and permanent bans and regular registration. The agency hopes to get the victim back, but he says he does not guarantee that full value can be obtained from the book and his office.

You Can Find Something To Do In State’s 22 Parks

With 22 state parks, the state of Alabama has something to offer everyone from the white sandy beaches of Gulf State Park to the Cheaha Resort State Park high atop the highest mountain in the state.

1. Mt. Cheaha, located in the northeast portion of the state stands 2,407 feet and on this highest point visitors will find the 2,799-acre Cheaha Resort State Park offering year-round breathtaking scenery.

This park offers dining in the park restaurant, hiking, swimming, a hotel, mountainside chalets and cabins along with campsites. The recently built Bald Rock Lodge has 12 private rooms that will sleep up to 30 people and has kitchen, dining and conference room facilities.

2. Farther northward in the northeast edge of the state is DeSoto Resort State Park perched atop Lookout Mountain and popular beautiful DeSoto Falls. Visitors will find a Civilian Conservation Corps era lodge, modern chalets, cabins, campsites, swimming pool, tennis courts, picnic area and nature center.

3. Located along the white sandy beaches of the Gulf of Mexico, Gulf State Park covers 6,150 acres with two miles of beautiful beaches, modern and primitive camping, cabins, cottages, hiking trails, fishing and a new beach pavilion. A new, and perhaps the longest on the Gulf Coast, fishing pier extends 1,540 feet out over the water providing excellent fishing. In addition there is an 18-hole championship golf course and freshwater fishing in 900-acre Lake Shelby.

4. Joe Wheeler is another resort park in the chain and is located near Rogersville. This park is located on 2,550 acres and is home to the resort area, Elk River Group Lodge and cabin area. The resort provides 75 guest rooms with rocking chair views across the lake, a pool, convention facilities, restaurant, full-service marina, 18-hole championship golf course and large campground. The cabin area has 27 rentals with full kitchens and cable TV.

5. Lake Guntersville Resort State Park overlooks the majestic 69,000 acre Guntersville Reservoir of the Tennessee River and the park itself covers 6,000 acres of rambling woodlands with a newly renovated 18-hole championship golf course, beach, fishing center, hiking trails, campground, cottages, chalets and resort lodge. The massive resort inn/restaurant/convention complex attracts tourist and businesses from throughout the South.

6. Lakepoint Resort State Park is located on 1,220 acres along the Alabama-Georgia line and the Chattahoochee River. It complements the massive 45,200 acre Lake Eufula with its lodge, hotel, restaurant and lounge. The lodge has 95 large rooms with six luxury suites, swimming pool and business center. The park include a campground, cottages, cabins, picnic areas, tennis courts, 18-hole championship golf course and pro shop[ and an extensive marina with a supply store and dine-in grill.

Smaller parks in the state’s system include Blandon Springs near Blandon Springs which is centered around four mineral springs; Blue Springs near Clio and also centered around a large underground spring; Buck’s Pocket near Grove Oak and a popular haunt for defeated politicians – so the legends go; Cathedral Caverns near Woodville is popular with its’ 126 feet wide/25 feet high entrance; Chewacla near Auburn and Chickasaw near Gallion.

Both Florala, located near Florala, and Frank Jackson, near Opp, are near water. Florala is situated along the shores of 500-acre Lake Jackson while Frank Jackson has a 1,000-acre stream fed lake.

Lake Lurleen is near Coker and is set on the banks of a 250-acre lake while Meaher State Park is located in Spanish Fort among the wetlands of Mobile Bay, offering day use amenities, camping, boat ramp, fishing pier, boardwalk and bath-house and laundry facility.

In North Alabama, Monte Sano State Park is located in Huntsville and the old tavern there is renovated and now the Monte Sano Lodge sitting on 2,140-acres of mountain land.

Oak Mountain State Park in Pelham, outside of Birmingham, is the state’s largest park with 9,940 acres to vacation. Here you will find cottages, golf pro shop, camping, swimming, boating, fishing, hiking, mountain bike trails, picnicking, backpacking, demonstration farm, horseback riding, fishing pier and The Wildlife Rehabilitation Center caring for over 2,000 injured and orphaned wild creatures each year.

Four other parks wrap up the chain, including Paul M. Grist near Selma, Rickwood Caverns near Warrior featuring a “miracle mile” of underground caverns and Roland Cooper near Camden and Wind Creek near Alexander City and situated on 1,445 acres along the waters of beautiful Lake Martin.

I Left My Heart in Chattanooga

After living there for three short but sweet years, I learned that Chattanooga, or Chattie as I affectionately call it, is a fantastic place to live and visit.

Where to begin? For history buffs, there are countless landmarks in the area, commemorating events that changed the course of American history, from the Trail of Tears to the Civil War battles in and around Chattanooga. For families with young children in tow, there's the spectacular Tennessee Aquarium, the Creative Discovery Museum, Coolidge Park with its lovely fountain and antique carousel, and Ruby Falls-an underground waterfall reached by guided tour through narrow caverns and passageways. For outdoor enthusiasts, there's the promise of a place often called the "Boulder, Colorado of the East;" rock climbing, fly fishing, cycling, hang gliding, hiking, rafting, and so much more await the adventurous.

What I'm offering here is an itinerary for a three-day getaway to Chattanooga. It's an activity guide that has passed the test of many visits from our family and friends, and it includes our favorite places that we try to re-visit on our trips back. Three days fill up quickly in Chattanooga, so you should know that for every place that follows, there are at least five other alternative attractions or activities. Also, this itinerary assumes that you've awakened in Chattanooga on day one. I recommend that you wake up in the Bluff View Inn, found in the town's popular Bluff View Arts District.

Bluff View Inn is perched overlooking the Tennessee River, which flows below through downtown Chattanooga. Within a minute's walk from the inn (and that's not an exaggeration), there's the Hunter Museum of American Art, the Houston Museum of Decorative Art, a sculpture garden, a bocce ball court, an art gallery, three restaurants, a thirteen-mile exercise trail that follows the river upstream to Lake Chickamauga, and Walnut Street Bridge, one of the world's longest pedestrian bridges.

Another lodging option that's relatively new to Chattanooga is the Delta Queen steamboat, which retired to life as a floating boutique hotel. Hotel guests and tourists can board the Queen from Coolidge Park and bask in the brass nautical history of it all.

Day One: Signal Mountain and the North Shore

Rembrandt's Café in the Bluff View Arts District makes a great starting point in Chattanooga, so consider this hot-spot for breakfast on your first full day in the Scenic City. Locals love and frequent this place just as much as tourists. The display cases are full of breakfast and dessert pastries, chocolates, pies and cakes, while the menu offers paninis, soups and salads. For breakfast, you can't do better than an almond croissant. Take it outside and enjoy their gorgeous patio seating.

Next, head up to Signal Mountain, a ten-minute drive from downtown Chattanooga. Our visitors particularly loved the "W" road that sharply zigs and zags its way up the rocky side of the mountain-a vertical road if I've ever been on one. Once you've made it to the top, consider driving north along East Brow Road for beautiful homes on the left, and a breathtaking view of the valley below on the right. Then, turn south on Highway 127 and head to the "old towne" area of ​​Signal Point. The streets here are lined with quaint stone cottages and magnificent estates, and you can still see the tracks of the streetcar that used to run through this neighborhood. The area here was developed at the turn of the twentieth century as an escape from diseases, namely cholera and yellow fever, in the valley below.

When you've had enough of the car and historic home viewing, take a rest stop at Signal Point Park. From this spot, you can look down on the lush and verdant Tennessee River gorge and forget that civilization is nearby. Park signage explains that Signal Point was part of a signaling system used by Native Americans first, then Union troops during the Civil War. Depending on your energy level at this point, you could embark on a hike from the park. The Cumberland Trail, part of the Great Eastern Trail, starts at this park, and it's a stunning walk through mountainside woods.

There are a couple of options for lunch on Signal Mountain, but I'd head back down the mountain for lunch in the North Shore area. Two of our favorite spots were the River Street Deli for amazing muffulettas, Stromboli, and Brooklyn accents; or Mercantino for an atmosphere that can't be beat. And once you've parked near the action on the North Shore (that would be Frazier Avenue), you can leave your car behind for hours.

Hit the boutiques after lunch, being sure not to miss Blue Skies, Plum Nelly, and Sophie's. It is impossible to enter any one of these three stores and leave empty-handed, so just give in. Treat yourself or a friend to vintage style, unique home and personal accessories, handmade jewelry, glass, and ceramics. These three stores, plus the many other businesses along Frazier-including a local bookstore, an outdoors outfitter, and art galleries-are gift-givers heaven.

When you need a break from shopping, pick up a treat from Clumpies Ice Cream and stroll over to Coolidge Park overlooking the river. You'll be surrounded by people of all ages as they play in the fountain, toss Frisbees and footballs, and relax inside a wonderful urban green space. While there, you can see if there are any plays to catch during your stay-the Chattanooga Theater Center sits just on the edge of the park.

For dinner, the Boathouse Rotisserie and Raw Bar is a great choice, and it's only a five-minute car drive from downtown. They serve Louisiana oysters and other great seafood (the wood-grilled tilapia is outstanding), and, oddly enough, their Mexican dishes-especially the quesadillas-are just as popular. If you have room for an appetizer, the Mexican shrimp cocktail is unforgettable. The Boathouse sits right on the Tennessee River, and they've got plenty of outdoor seating overlooking the water.

Day Two: The Great Outdoors

A trip to Chattanooga without some kind of outdoor adventure is a missed opportunity. It's kind of like going to New York City without seeing a play-you've missed a key element of the local culture. Fuel up with a hearty breakfast from Bluegrass Grill on Main Street. This family-owned restaurant packs people in starting at 6:30 am for omelettes and tasty variations of hash. Load up on carbs; You'll need them today.

For peace and quiet, a guided fly fishing trip is an excellent excursion, as is a nice-and-easy float down the Hiwassee River in an inflatable kayak or raft. We also enjoyed walking the extensive trails of Chickamauga Battlefield, part of the country very first national military park. There's a seven-mile auto tour of the battlefield, but on foot or on bike is the best way to experience the beauty and historical significance of this land. And the terrain here is relatively flat, a huge plus for those of us from elevation-challenged regions.

For the more adventurous, there's the aforementioned Cumberland Trail on Signal Mountain, or scores of other fun hiking trails on Lookout Mountain. We never got the chance to go, but Cloudland Canyon State Park-just over the border in Georgia-is supposed to be breathtakingly beautiful in an area referred to as "God's Country." Trails there range from two to almost seven miles, and there's a 600-step staircase for hikers making the trip to the bottom of the park's gorge.

Bold outdoors enthusiasts will be glad to know that Chattanooga is considered the regional rock climbing capital, and it attracts mountain bikers from all over. Prentice Cooper State Forest is one of many options for both of these activities. Please, oh please, do not attempt to climb rocks without a guide. On water, the Ocoee River offers the sought-after near-death rafting experience. Yes, I thought I was going to die on the upper Ocoee. Twice. But it's fun if you're into that kind of thing (jury is still out for me). Some of the more endearing names of the Ocoee's Class IV + rapids are "Broken Nose," "Diamond Splitter" and "Hell's Hole." Finally, those who aren't interested in land or water activities can try hang gliding off the side of Lookout Mountain. I couldn't bring myself to strap into a glorified kite, but two friends from France did, and they said it was chouette.

After a day spent in the great outdoors, a shower and a satisfying dinner are in order. As your body will not want to stray too far from its bed at the Bluff View Inn, stroll around the corner to Tony's for an Italian dinner. The atmosphere is one that forces you to linger long after the meal is done, especially if you're lucky enough to score a table on the second-floor terrace. A green salad with their roasted tomato tarragon dressing and all of the pasta dishes are reliably delicious.

Day Three: Lookout Mountain, Southside and Downtown

Between the hotel and Lookout Mountain lies Niedlov's Breadworks, which has amazing cinnamon rolls, muffins, scones-come to think of it, everything at Niedlov's is good. The artisan-owners "love to knead and knead to love," and you can taste the baked-in passion. Give it a try for breakfast this morning.

There are several roads that take you up to the top of Lookout Mountain; each one is scenic, so pick one for the ride up and another for the ride down. Once you're up there, take in the gorgeous views and mansions, especially those along West Brow Road. (This exploration of Lookout Mountain sounds a lot like the first day's Signal Mountain itinerary; but if the residential area of ​​Signal Mountain is charming and accessible, Lookout Mountain is caviar dreams. Each mountain is worth a visit as they offer different clues into Chattanooga's culture .)

Lookout's Point Park-not to be confused with Signal Point Park-is a must as an easily accessible part of the Lookout Mountain Battlefield. A small museum just across the street will explain the very Lord of the Rings-sounding "Battle Above the Clouds" that took place on the mountain during the Civil War. Another treasure on Lookout Mountain is the Reflection Riding Arboretum and Botanical Garden, which offers driving and hiking trails through a bucolic setting of meadows, wildflowers, forest, ponds and creeks.

After a mountaintop morning, Mojo Burrito-at the foot of Lookout Mountain in the lovely historic neighborhood of St. Louis Elmo-brings you back to earth with tortillas wrapped around super fresh ingredients. Southern Star located in the Southside neighborhood also keeps it real with true southern home cooking. Don't skip dessert-the banana pudding leaves you speechless.

While you're in the Southside neighborhood, there are four shops that are very much worth a visit. Revival is located inside Warehouse Row, and although I couldn't afford much from this store, I had fun just being in the presence of its greatness. Just like any luxury goods store, you can find table accessories by Juliska and pewter by Match. But what sets this store in a league of its own is a beautifully curated collection of home furnishings, from eighteenth century white leather Italian chairs to modern Belgian coffee tables. You'll discover home design elements in Revival that you never knew you wanted. Shadow Box Paperie on Main Street will make you put pen to paper and renounce all forms of electronic communication. They have other home accessories, too, all wonderfully presented. For serious antique-lovers, Southside Antiques is an essential stop-gorgeous corner cabinets, dining tables, antique books, and armoires. Finally, the Galleries at Southside, much like The Foyer in Baton Rouge, is a collection of vendors under one roof, selling gifts, accessories, art and antiques at many price points.

In the late afternoon, head back to the inn to park your car and take advantage of the amazing pedestrian activities in downtown Chattanooga. Visit the sculpture garden and spend time over the river on one of the Walnut Street Bridge benches. The bridge was converted to pedestrian use in 1993, and much like the Pont des Arts in Paris, people can't get enough of bridge time. Suspended above the Tennessee River, they exercise, create art, gather for festivals, commute to work on bike, and yes, they snuggle here as if they were in Paris.

Leave enough time before sunset to experience The Passage and Ross's Landing Plaza, a Cherokee nation and Trail of Tears memorial located adjacent to the Tennessee Aquarium. The Cherokee inhabited this area that would become first Ross's Landing, then Chattanooga, until they were forced West on the Trail of Tears. Thousands died during the horrific journey. At this memorial, you'll find moving quotes by Cherokee and American leaders at the time of the native removal.

For dinner on your last night in Chattanooga, you may as well have a blow out. St. John's restaurant is as flawless a restaurant as I've ever experienced. Chef Daniel Lindley was nominated for the James Beard award this year and last, and you'll know why after just one meal at St. John's John's. From his kitchen come the finest ingredients available, many of them organic and local, and the menu changes often to reflect growing seasons. The current menu includes handmade quail tortellini, Kobe beef steak, and chocolate molten cake. The service is dreamy, the flat iron building is a beauty, and everyone leaves happy.

And everyone leaves Chattanooga happy, though I was also kicking, screaming and crying the day my husband and I said goodbye to our hilltop North Chattanooga home. My husband says I'm projecting, but I swear that even our dog misses Chattanooga. The pull of family and old friends brought us home to Louisiana, and we are of course glad to be back home among them, but we will be returning to Chattanooga as often as we can for the rest of our lives. It's that kind of place.

The Top 10 Reasons to Visit Memphis, Tennessee

Having been born in Memphis has made me slightly biased to the benefits of this city located on the bluff of the Mississippi River. After moving away, however, and returning to visit family, I now see it as a tourist would. Memphis is rich with history, full of family activities and attractions, music and some of the best food you will ever eat. All of the sights and attractions are too many to list, but consider the following top 10 reasons when planning your next family vacation.

  1. Beale Street. Beale Street has been the place to soak up the best of blues, jazz, and rock & roll for as long as I can remember. There are a number of clubs, bars, and stores that you can stop in or soak in the energy of street performers and food vendors as you stroll up and down the street. Such celebrities as B. B. King, Isaac Hayes, and Calvin Lockhart have been associated with venues in the Beale Street district.
  2. The Rendezvous. Known world-wide for its barbeque, you’ll be disappointed if you miss it, The Rendezvous is within walking distance of Beale Street. Located in an alley, the restaurant still remains in the basement of the establishment where it started many years ago.
  3. Memphis Rock n’ Soul Museum. Digital audio tours are available with over 300 minutes of information, including 100 songs, as you walk through seven galleries showcasing instruments, costumes, and other musical treasures. The museum catalogs Memphis music from the rural field hollers (1930s) to Sun, and Hi Records (1970s) to the music of today.
  4. Sun Studio. The Sun Studio is still located in its original building a short way from downtown. This is the recording studio where Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash, and Ray Perkins held an impromptu jam session in 1956 that drew crowds of fans outside the studio.
  5. Graceland. The mansion with the musical notes on the large wrought iron gates is a fulfillment to a promise made by Elvis to his mother when growing up. Tours of Graceland and the tourist center across the street are offered daily. Two of Elvis’ airplanes are also located directly across the street from Graceland, one being named after his daughter Lisa Marie.
  6. National Civil Rights Museum. Housed at the Lorraine Motel where Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated, the museum features over 250 artifacts and interactive media spanning five centuries starting with the resistance of slavery through the 20th century and the stand for equality among all men.
  7. Music Galore. As you stroll down Beale Street the draw of the music all around will have you mesmerized. The night clubs and bars are everywhere including Alfred’s, featuring rock n’ roll; B. B. King’s House of Blues; the Coyote Ugly Saloon; and Rum Boogie Cafe, to name a few. If you would rather stay outside, street performers are usually located along every block of Beale Street.
  8. Memphis Peabody Ducks. Though the actual ducks have changed through the years, the tradition remains alive from as far back as 1930. The Peabody Ducks, housed on the top floor of the Peabody Hotel in downtown Memphis, ride the elevator downstairs twice a day and parade, through a crowd of picture-taking fans, to the large stone fountain located in the lobby of the hotel.
  9. Memphis in May Festival. Every year, Memphis honors a different country during its’ annual Memphis in May Festival with events scheduled throughout the month. The most notable are the live musical performances held on Mud Island’s Amphitheatre and the famous Memphis In May Barbeque Cooking Contest and the Catfish Cooking Contest, with contestants from all over the world.
  10. Memphis Queen Line Riverboat. Providing riverboat tours and dinner cruises ranging from 90 minutes to 2 hours, the Memphis Queen Line Riverboat has been ferrying tourists up and down the Mississippi River since 1955. Music is provided by the house band playing selections from R&B, Blues and Jazz.

These are but a few reasons to visit Memphis but by far are some of my favorites. Memphis’ attractions are very kid-friendly and ideal for families. There are shuttle services to take you between several attractions and guided tours available upon request. I hope you will consider Memphis when planning your next trip.

Vacationing in a Gatlinburg Cabin

For many decades Gatlinburg has been a favorite resort getaway for both families and couples. Located in the Smoky Mountains of eastern Tennessee, Gatlinburg sits at the entrance of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. At the foot of Mt. LeConte, Gatlinburg is only a short walk from streams, woods, and mountains.

Cabins have a special tradition in Gatlinburg. The first cabin was built by the Ogle family in 1802 and is now open to all visitors. Some cabins in Gatlinburg hark back to earliest days of frontier settlers. These wooden cabins evoke a rustic connection with American history and the beautiful natural environment.

There are thousands of cabins to choose from. Although the predominant style is the traditional log cabin, other styles range from Swiss chalets to upscale modern wooden condominiums. Gatlinburg also offers various hotel and motel opportunities, geared both towards families and conference attendees.

Originally founded in the early 1800s as White Oaks, Gatlinburg was just a sleepy residential town until the growth of its lumber industry in the early 1900s. The creation of the Great Smoky Mountain National Park in 1934 added to the demand for visitor services. Gatlinburg was officially incorporated in 1945 and has since become a premier four-season vacation destination.

In recent years Gatlinburg has become even more popular as both a vacation spot for families and a romantic getaway for lovers. Ideally located, Gatlinburg is within a day’s drive for fifty percent of American citizens. Vacation options include single and double occupancies, larger family-oriented plans, and exclusive wedding and honeymoon packages.

In addition to vacation rentals, there are also many opportunities to purchase a Gatlinburg cabin. Ownership of rental real estate is an advantageous method for generating supplemental income and long-term financial independence. And as the real estate market continues to boom, a tucked-away cabin in Gatlinburg becomes a valuable asset.

Gatlinburg Luxury Cabin Rentals – Why Stay in Luxury Cabins in Gatlinburg TN?

Gatlinburg luxury cabin rentals are a comfortable, relaxing and fun way to enjoy a Smoky Mountains vacation. Hotel and motel rooms almost never provide the privacy, the space and the conveniences you’ll find in Gatlinburg luxury cabin rentals.

So what’s the deal about luxury cabins in Gatlinburg TN? One of the reasons to take time off and go on vacation is to relax, to play, to sitesee and to have fun. Instead of being cramped up in a hotel room, you can stay together while having your own rooms with the space and comfort that comes with luxury cabins in Gatlinburg TN.

Located near the Tennessee entrance to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Gatlinburg has been delighting couples, families and friends for decades. Even if you haven’t been there yet, there’s no need to miss out any longer! You can select from a cabin rental near Gatlinburg attractions if you want. If you prefer to get away from it all, just select one of the Gatlinburg luxury cabin rentals outside of town where you can enjoy the privacy you want without noisy neighbors in the next hotel room.

Your cabin rental will be based on the number of guests or bedrooms that are available. A cabin rental is made by the number of bedrooms and ‘sleeps 8’, ‘for 2 couples’ and so on. Want a fireplace? Like to have a jacuzzi or hot tub? Want queen or king size beds? How about cable TV or satellite TV with a big screen? Remember, property owners stay in their Gatlinburg luxury cabin rentals too!

How about waking up in the mornings to the aroma of coffee, bacon, eggs and pancakes? It’s easy, since most luxury cabins in Gatlinburg TN include full kitchens that come stocked with everything you need except groceries. Or you can be near everything where all you have to do is get those feet on the floor and move them towards the nearby restaurants. Have a pet? You can search for a Gatlinburg cabin that’s ‘pet friendly’, so Fido or Felix can come along too!

Many of the vacation rental properties come with amenities and conveniences that the cabin owners themselves use. Here are amenities that are included with one of the typical Gatlinburg luxury cabin rentals properties — A/C and heat, barbeque, complete kitchen, dishwasher, fireplace, laundry washer and dryer, linens and towels, microwave, phone, cable TV, stereo, VHS/DVD player, movies, books and games. Many Gatlinburg cabin rentals have decks and balconies with rocking chairs and swings so you can breathe the fresh mountain air while you take in the views. It’s like you have all the comforts of home plus you have the beauty of the Great Smoky Mountains to enjoy.

If it sounds inviting, it should!

Whether you’re visiting the Great Smoky Mountains National Park for the first time or you visit often, check out the variety to be found in Gatlinburg luxury cabin rentals for your next vacation stay.

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Pet Friendly Hotels in Memphis

The following are some of the hotels in Memphis that allows guests to bring their pets with them.

The Best Western Thousand Oaks Inn is situated at the center of Thousand Oaks, which is regarded as one of the safest places in the United States. This non-smoking hotel offers striking rooms, an executive floor, four two-room suites, three in-room spas, a heated pool, a Jacuzzi and a guest library. The guests are offered free passes to a high-end workout facility nearby. The rooms have several amenities, including wireless high-speed Internet, microwaves, refrigerators, irons, hairdryers, coffee makers and clocks. Du-par’s restaurant is situated on the hotel premises, and come with banquet facilities for meetings and special events. The hotel is close to a regional mall, and several restaurants and theaters.

The Memphis Downtown Red Roof Inn is located in the heart of Tennessee. It is minutes from most of the city’s tourist attractions, including the Beale Street District, Libertyland Amusement Park, Memphis Queen Riverboats, and several museums. This Inn offers free wireless Internet access in the business center and lobby, an outdoor pool, free continental breakfast, a coin laundry facility, and free on-site car parking.

The Days Inn Graceland is near the celebrated Graceland, Elvis Presley’s mansion. Guests can spend their day relaxing in the outdoor pool designed in the shape of a guitar, or watch complimentary Elvis movies in the guest room. The hotel offers a complimentary continental breakfast from six in the morning to ten at night. The famous Beale Street, home to blues music, is just seven miles from the hotel. Also located in the vicinity are boat tours of the Mississippi River, Mud Island and the Memphis Convention Center.

Other pet friendly hotels in Memphis include Comfort Inn East, Red Roof Memphis Airport, Wingate Inn, Ramada Inn Midtown, and La Quinta Inn Memphis Airport.

Gatlinburg Hotels – Clarion Inn and Suites

Clarion Inn & Suites of Gatlinburg offers many amenities. The suites are generously sized and nicely decorated. All the standard deluxe rooms include private baths and have two double beds. The deluxe rooms are equipped with microwaves and refrigerators and private balconies. The suites come equipped with microwaves, refrigerators, a full kitchen area and a separate living area with a gas fireplace. The suites also come equipped with two-person Jacuzzis. The suites are ideal for family gatherings or romantic weekends and provide the perfect backdrop for your trip to beautiful Gatlinburg, Tennessee. The Penthouse suites at the Clarion offer breathtaking mountain views and have two bedrooms, separate living and dining areas and all the amenities that are available in the regular suites. The Penthouse suites offer twelve to fifteen hundred square feet of living areas and are the perfect size for the average family while staying in Gatlinburg.

The Clarion Inn & Suites offer a full breakfast buffet free of charge to its guests. There is an indoor pool and Jacuzzi, a dining room, a conference room and a business center. This Gatlinburg hotel offers affordable luxury in the heart of Gatlinburg TN. The Clarion is centrally located to all the attractions that have come to make Gatlinburg one of the most popular destinations for families in the area. Fine dining, family fun, shopping and museums are all in walking distance of the Clarion. There are many things to do and see in both Gatlinburg and nearby Pigeon Forge TN. Don’t overlook Dollywood when you are in Gatlinburg – you’re just a few minutes away from this theme park that features dozens of thrill rides and great fun for the family – all inspired by the country music legend, Dolly Parton.

A romantic getaway is a great idea to spend some time with that special someone. The Great Smokey Mountains is a breathtaking and ideal location for a romantic getaway. The Clarion Inn & Suites is located in downtown Gatlinburg with the Great Smokey Mountain National Park as its backyard. The central location means that great dinning and shopping is close by and so is the natural environment of the mountain range. Couples can spend the evening soaking in the Jacuzzi then nibble some snacks by the fire place after a great meal at one of the Gatlinburg restaurants. The restaurants range in fare from the grab and go eateries that are so popular on vacation to fine dining establishments that require formal attire and reservations. The Dixie Stampede in nearby Pigeon Forge is a great dinner show that is sure to be enjoyed, not just by couples but by everyone in the family.

For a day of family fun, the Clarion is only a few steps away from the Great Smokey Mountain National Park, where there are hiking trails, picnic areas, horseback riding and guided tours. This is a fantastic way to steep the family in a day of fun outdoor activities. There are amusement arcades within walking distance as well. Ripley’s Aquarium is also close by, and there are various museums and indoor action parks that are all easily accessible from the Clarion Inn & Suites. This is also one of the most affordable Gatlinburg hotels – so you won’t need to spend the biggest bulk of your vacation budget on lodging – leaving you more money to spend on attractions.