Magnetic telephone automobile mount, syncwire usual automobile phone holder for dashboard, cellular cellphone vehicle kits, 360° adjustable magnet mobile cellphone mount well suited with iphone, samsung, lg, gps, mini pill and more

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  • ★★3 years support★★: syncwire automobile mount comes with three years help. If the smartphone holder doesn’t keep your smartphone, missing accessories, damaged, can not be used in your vehicle. You’re welcome to get a replacement. ✘not fit with: thick instances along with otterbox, wallet case and battery case.
  • ▶4th technology neodymium magnets◀: effortlessly aid all smartphones inspite of various smartphone instances on, well suited with most telephones inclusive of new iphone 12 seasoned max/12 pro/12/eleven/xs max/xr/xs/x/eight plus/eight/7 plus/7; galaxy note10+/note10/s10/s10e/s10+/s9+/s9/observe nine/notice 8/s8; pixel/nexus; lg; oneplus; xiaomi; moto and greater.
  • ▶strong alloy frame◀: crafted with aluminum alloy and smooth silicone, the magnetic automobile holder has an smooth floor to keep its glowing floor and smooth but durable touch.
  • ▶brilliant stick pressure◀: reliable 3m vhb adhesive pad presents sturdy stick pressure. Sturdy in numerous situations inclusive of sudden braking, going over a pace bump, and using on a rugged mountain road.
  • ▶freely adjustable◀: with a stable steel ball joint, you could rotate your telephone or swivel your display to your preferred function as you want. A small cell phone automobile kits for the one you love car
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product description

if you meet any problems under while you are the use of syncwire magnetic smartphone car mount, syncwire will send you a new one.

  • does no longer stick
  • doesn’t maintain your cellphone
  • lacking acessories
  • damaged
  • can’t be used in your vehicle
  • warm suggestions:

  • ✘not fit with: thick cases consisting of otterbox, pockets case and battery case.
  • wipe the centered set up surface with the alcohol pad supplied and wait for 30 seconds until it’s far dry. Please do not contact the gel with your palms.

    peel off the 3m pad. (heat the 3m pad with hot air for approximately 15 seconds if the temperature is lower than 15⸰c).

    press down at the mount with force for about 10-20 seconds to strengthen the attachment.

    do no longer use the mount inside 24 hours. If the pasting isn’t company due to flawed pasting, the adhesive may be replaced.


    Dash, Vent Clip 1 Pack, Vent Clip 2 Pack

    6 reviews for Magnetic telephone automobile mount, syncwire usual automobile phone holder for dashboard, cellular cellphone vehicle kits, 360° adjustable magnet mobile cellphone mount well suited with iphone, samsung, lg, gps, mini pill and more

    1. Klaire

      I was skeptical about the capabilities of this little car mount simply because my Samsung Galaxy S10 plus is a large phone and It’s in an Otterbox, making it even larger and heavier. I didn’t think that a small round metal plate could stick to the magnet of the mount, especially going over railroad tracks or the normal bumps in the road without the phone falling or causing the swivel to lean down or move from where I positioned it. I’ve had this mount for almost a year now. 1) It’s been great getting having both of my cupholders available again 2) This makes glancing over (and not down) at my maps on my phone a lot easier 3) I don’t have a smooth dashboard but the adhesion of the mount is still as great as the day I bought it. In Central Texas it gets HOT so I figured that by mid summer (last year), the mount would start to slip/slide and eventually come off but it hasn’t and I’m impressed! Best $13.95 I’ve ever spent.Read more

    2. Kindle Customer

      I like the quality feel of the product and how will it really stuck to my phone. It just didn’t adhere to the dash in my car. I used up both adhesive pads that were provided. Syncwire is such a great company. I love their micro USB cords. They have solved so many problems for me– the cords really stay in my phone. I also have their wireless headset– this has the best sound ever– from me as a professional musician. I really like this phone holder– and I hope to work with the really kind people from Syncwire to try to stick it on my dashboard.Update:I do love this phone holder! The feel of it is very solid. So many phone holders feel like just cheap plastic held together very weakly This one feels heavy and strong,. I did have trouble sticking it on my dashboard, even after I cleaned it with the provided alcohol swabs. I really wanted to use it, so I glued it to the dash using some Gorilla Super Glue. I took it on a road trip the next day and it was terrific. So easy to use. The tilt function of the ball joint is so handy to adjust the screen in sunlight. My phone just simply stayed where I put it. There was no squeezing plastic pieces and and creakily adjusting it. This is a very good product, and I really am enjoying it!Read more

    3. Hope

      This car & phone mount piece was very easy to install.. I highly recommend it.. before ordering i had some concerns over whether the magnet would be strong enough to hold my phone but it seems very good made and is strong enough to hold my larger Samsung phone with a case.. Also, when driving over bumps on the road my phone has not fallen off so far..It comes with round or rectangle metal plates for whichever you prefer to put on the back of your phone or case ..I think you will be happy with it this car mount.. Hope these pics and review help someone :)Read more

    4. Ray_Daro

      Love this product. It’s so small and yet so powerful. I was looking for a small footprint as I did not want a honker on my dashboard or anywhere in my car. This product sticks to the plastic just below the radio of my car with fantastic adhesion. The product is easily adjustable to get the phone’s angle just right so that the phone’s screen is not distracting at all while driving. And once I’m driving my heavy iPhone 8 Plus with the bulky OtterBox Defender case stays extremely stable – no jerks, shakes, etc. phone just stays put and I don’t have to worry about it. Actually, I‘Be has several people sit in the passenger seat and ask me how the phone stays put and at that location, because this device is so small and it’s black color blends right into the dashboard. They ask me for the link where I bought it and I send it to them. To say that I love this product is an understatement.Read more

    5. LG

      This is a great phone holder. I wasn’t sure if it would stick well enough or if I could find a place for it in my car (Toyota Highlander), but went for it. I like it better than a vent clip because I want my heat and AC! The adhesive part is small enough that I found a perfect place. It does put the phone in front of a couple buttons for my radio, but since it is magnetic, I just slide my phone off if I need to access them. I would totally buy again and my husband is considering buying one for himself to replace his stationary holder (that doesn’t angle the phone).Read more

    6. Most objective reviews possible

      This is a teeny weeny pint size contraption! I had no idea it would be so small. Even so, it works better than every single magnetic device that I have purchased. The holding power is amazing. I can turn my device sideways, upside down, or right side up and it will not move. I can hit all kinds of bumps and move in any direction without my phone falling or even slipping a little bit. I hold it up at a strange angle so that I am able to see the screen with a quick glance but it is weird because of the location being a bit lower in height than my eye level. It is not a problem! This magnet holds it right where I want it without any movement whatsoever. the neck on it is really stiff but still maneuverable to every position that you may need. The sticky pad is stuck like glue. the magnets that they send you are elegant (make sure to cover them with some sort of replaceable plastic if you do not want them to get scratched if you are that picky). The head of the magnet is about the size of a quarter or silver dollar making it better in my opinion than some of these square and bulky choices that are available. It does not look all big and stupid on my dash which is something that I took into consideration when I purchased this although it is even smaller than I imagined. I love ordering things online but hate when you get it wrong because it can be a hassle sending it back or ordering something else when you lose out on your money. Not this time! So pleasantly surprised! I am going to order more. If they have other products I may check out those as well. It’ll take time to see if it withstands the test of longevity but I’ll update you if anything goes wrong. So far very good.Read more

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