Magnetic telephone mount, wixgear [2 pack] well-known air vent magnetic telephone car mount, smartphone holder for car, for cell telephones and mini capsules with four steel plates

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  • 2 percent air vent mount: this air vent normal cellphone magnetic telephone car mount holder, is 10 instances easier to apply than some other magnetic automobile mount holder due to its easy and complementary design. It has a sturdy rubber base and a effective magnetic head for containing smartphones. Automobile mount iphone 6, automobile mount iphone 6 plus, vehicle mount holder
  • sturdy wixgear air vent: this high great rubber creation of the bottom of the mount is specific and really useful as properly. It ensures that the bottom of the mount will solidly keep the magnetic head of the mount, to assist hold your phone in area, regardless of road vibrations or influences.
  • swivels in your display: rotate your smartphone and swivel your show as you please. The bottom of the mount stays constant into the air vent of your car and does now not pass, regardless of how much swiveling or rotation you do. This ensures that your phone will always stay in your preferred role.
  • wixgear complementary design: the complementary wixgear design of the magnetic mount is one which fits in to the back of any phone. The magnetic mount is has a clean floor this is perfectly appropriate for mounting and holding any telephone in region.
  • powerful magnetic phone vehicle mount: the reinforced magnetic cellphone automobile holder of this mount is what units it aside from other mounts. This everyday magnetic holder produces an extensive pressure of attraction a good way to maintain any phone. Phone holder for automobile, automobile cellphone mount, cell phone holder for automobile, phone holder, vehicle cellphone holder, phone car mount.

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effective wixgear magnetic smartphone mount

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magnetic telephone mount is to be had in a % of two air vents, four metallic plates and 4 protection films. This magnetic car mount comes with ultra-thin carbon plates attract to any cellphone very quickly and can be mounted very easily. Magnetic cellphone automobile mount is strong and powerful.

this automobile cellphone holder has prongs inside the lower back of the car cellphone mount, have two sizes – one is wide and the opposite size is tighter. If the magnetic phone holder is lose on the air vents, reinsert the use of the tighter side and push it in completely for a relaxed and non-slip hold, for a strong cellphone mount for vehicle.

in contrast to the ones massive and cumbersome holders, wixgear magnetic cellular cellphone holder for vehicle, gained’t disrupt the view as it mounts on the car vent phone holder and now not to your windshield. With this automobile cellphone holder you may pressure simply and cognizance on the sector even as additionally playing the lovely surroundings.

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May, 22, 2016

5 reviews for Magnetic telephone mount, wixgear [2 pack] well-known air vent magnetic telephone car mount, smartphone holder for car, for cell telephones and mini capsules with four steel plates

  1. vincecvn

    I usually don’t like writing reviews but I had to write this one. I The magnet is strong enough, but that’s not the issue. The issue is the base clamp, the clamp is extremely weak when attaching it to the air vents, everytime I pull the phone out, the base comes with it. It’s extremely annoying that I have to keep on putting back the mount everytime I take my phone.The other issue is with wireless charging, if you put the magnet at the middle of your phone, the wireless charge will not pick up. It will not charge, I had to move the magnet on the upper part of the body, and use the smaller magnet on the bottom part, just to make sure I’m able to cover enough of the phone where I can just put it on the mount.I would definetly not buy this again.Update 3/11/19:So just as an update, I still have been using this even with the weak base clamp, I got used to it, but about 2-3 weeks ago, the magnet is incredibly weak. My phone who once use to stay on, would just fall off now. Now of course you’re wondering if I have a big phone, the answer is yes I do, but it stayed on fine before. I also have an iPhone 8 for work, which is a smallish and light phone, which always falls off because the magnet got weaker. So in less than 6 months, the magnet is becoming useless now.Read more

  2. J-Rod

    Been wanting to buy one of these for years. I’m not into the whole pop-sockets and things that you glue to stick to your phone cover to even on the outside of your case. I like a clean look and I like my phone in my pocket. So getting something that wouldn’t protrude from the phone was a must. I was skeptical of the magnet strength but when I got it installed was very pleased. I also didn’t want to stick or glue anything to my car so something that hooked to the air vents was a must.I read the reviews and one said to take the piece that sticks to your phone and just place it between your phone cover and the phone itself. You can peal and stick it to the back of you phone but if you ever change phones you’ll need to use another sticky pad. It might slide around a little but I used the larger pad and don’t have issues with where to put on the car mount. The installation of the car mount it pretty easy. Depending on your air vents it may work out to be in the perfect spot or not. For my car it’s in a great spot. The car mount also seems solid and in place.Overall it’s a great way to get your phone up and in better sight if you need GPS or any music controls. That’s pretty much what I use it for. For the money this also seemed to be the cheapest option. In all pretty happy with this purchase and would highly recommend.Update 5-13-19:So over a year later and this is still a great product. I even put one of the mounts in my wife’s car. It’s quite different that my car and the vent is at sharper angle but nonetheless still works good. I bought a new car this year and it still fits well on the vent. I use it just about ever time I get into the car. It’s very handy to use and much safer if you need to use your phone. I even switched phones. I did stick the magnet that goes on the phone onto the inside of the phone case. If you change cases you’ll have to remember to take it out. But you could, just as I did before, put the magnet between the case and the phone. I stuck it to the case because the magnet does move and I feel like I could easily remove (if I remember) it when or if I change cases. I still love that there is nothing sticking out from the phone the magnet is really strong. Highly recommend this as a cheap and easy way to mount your phone in your car.Read more

  3. michael thomas

    Pros: magnets are extremely strong and hold your phone well to the clip, great product and works exactly as expectedCons: NONE!Notes: depending on the car you really need to make sure the location of your vents are in a good spot for these, also that they will fit the vent well enough to hold the phone. Like my 2016 kia optima it fits perfectly and is in a good location to view the phone when driving, but with my 2004 subaru forester xt the vent is much lower, so it makes it harder to look at the phone and pay attention to where you are going if you have your GPS on.Read more

  4. Dani1031

    I’ve been using this mount for about 2 months. I loved it until I realized it was actually DAMAGING my car vent. Take a look at the photos to see. There are metal prongs that have busted through the rubber and have scratched the vent. I’ve sent Wizgear a message regarding the damage. Will update after I’ve heard from them.Read more

  5. Clarice89

    I really love this magnetic phone mount. I bought 1 pack for my husband and I to use on each of our cars (1 pack comes with 2 of the larger magnets that would stay in your car on the air vent and 4 of the slim magnets that would stick to your phone). I have been looking for a phone holder that does not stick to the dash and is not a huge bulky holder that is an eye sore and gets in the way when you install it. This mount is very discreet and has a very strong magnet to hold your phone. My husband and I both have Galaxy Note 8’s and we haven’t had any problems with the magnet strength. The phone stays in place when its placed vertically or horizontally. We really love the ease of just touching the phone to the magnet when we want the phone held and the ease of grabbing it off the magnet when I need to. The only suggestion I would have for this product is for the magnet to be able to “pop out” in a sense and tilt like a tv wall mount so that you can tilt the phone at an angle and have more control over the direction the phone faces. Other than that, great product. As for the magnet piece that can stick on your phone, we just placed the magnet between the back of our phone and our phone case, we did not stick it to the phone, our phone case is tight enough that the magnet stays put and doesn’t move at all. Works perfectly.Read more

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