Magnetic vehicle mount, wixgear regularly occurring stick on mount (2 percent) dashboard magnetic vehicle mount holder, for cellular telephones and mini capsules with speedy rapid-snap technology, magnetic mobile smartphone mount

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  • complementary wixgear designs: the complementary design of the magnetic mount is one that suits into the again of any telephone. The magnetic mount is has a clean floor this is perfectly appropriate for mounting and keeping any cellphone in place. Magnetic vehicle mount holder
  • effective magnetic mounts: the reinforced magnetic holder of this mount is what units it other than other mounts. This regularly occurring magnetic holder produces an intensive pressure of attraction so that it will preserve any telephone. Which includes android, apple, blackberry and microsoft devices.
  • swivels your display: rotate your cellphone and swivel your show as you please. The bottom of the mount stays stick on you dashboard of your automobile and does now not move, no matter how much swiveling or rotation you do. This guarantees that your cellphone will constantly remain in your selected function.
  • wixgear strong base: the high satisfactory rubber construction of the bottom of the mount is particular and really functional as well. It guarantees that the base of the mount will solidly hold the magnetic head of the mount, to help preserve your smartphone in vicinity, no matter avenue vibrations or affects
  • will no longer block the air vents: and the windshield of the auto. Its five instances less difficult to apply than every other mounts just stick it for your automobile and you are good to move.

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effective magnets

the strategical setup and placements of the magnets accentuate the sturdy appeal for holding the phones or mini-pills, even on the hard and bumpy roads. The powerful magnetic effect clearly grip your phone with phone swiveling.

sturdy base

the premium pleasant rubber production of the bottom of the magnetic mount is unique and realistic. The bottom will in reality and solidly hold the magnetic head of the mount, to help keep your cellphone in vicinity, regardless of avenue affects or vibrations.

powerful magnets

the strategical setup and placements of the magnets intensify the strong appeal for holding the telephones or mini-tablets, even on the difficult and bumpy roads. The powerful magnetic impact really grip your smartphone with smartphone swiveling.

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3, x, 2, x, 2, inches

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Magnetic, stick, on, -mount

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November, 1, 2017

8 reviews for Magnetic vehicle mount, wixgear regularly occurring stick on mount (2 percent) dashboard magnetic vehicle mount holder, for cellular telephones and mini capsules with speedy rapid-snap technology, magnetic mobile smartphone mount

  1. Mommy421

    Straight rip off and with no ability to return, I would suggest never buying these. After a month and a half I have used the original 3M tape and the additional pieces of tape. I am sticking to a very smooth and tack able surface within my vehicle and to everyone’s surprise, they kept falling off. Pisses a person right off when your phone comes crashing to the bottom of your vehicle while on the highway traveling at 80mph and getting trapped under the accelerator. Not advocating using a mobile device and driving, but, it’s not helpful when the tape sent with these are terrible. The magnets, perfect. Will hold two cruise ships together. The adhesive, could barley hold a wet fart together.Read more

  2. Carol

    This is the best idea for cell phones since sliced bread. I just place the phone on the dashboard. Violá! I use my phone for navigating with Google Maps or Waze. So I put the magnet-holder at the perfect spot on the dashboard where it’s high enough for just a quick glance but not too high to be in the windshield view. My only installation challenge is that there are no really flat surfaces in a convenient spot. So I used an additional small strip of the installation tape at top and bottom of the full strip of installation tape to allow as much contact as possible to compensate for the curve of the dash. It’s holding to the dash and, of course, the magnet holds to the phone perfectly. I’ve just had it for a week so I really can’t attest to long term use. However, so far, it’s working as expected.Read more

  3. MomtoPeach&Popcorn

    OK- maybe that was a smidge overkill there but this product has reduced stress, kept me more organized, and increased safety while driving! Win, win, win!I applied it to the plastic smooth shiney front of the car radio panel in my Subaru Outback. It stuck there all summer (it was a hot summer in NY, definitely no Arizona level heat but it isn’t the heat anyway, right? It’s the humidity. But I digress…) and didn’t show any sign of letting go as other reviewers have mentioned happened in heat.I wish I had applied it 180 degress from how I did due to the amount of rotation I get- it is just a smidge more angled up than I would like so test that out first. I use a magnetic charging cable by wsken and the combination of these means I can secure the phone and connect the charge cable one handed.The phone has never fallen off this. My previous solutions all failed at one point or another (I’ve owned this for about 6 months).Additionally, I own the Belkin Clip Fit running armband (the case part stays on all the time and then it clips into the armband). I was thrilled to find that this still works with the round ultra thin magnet adhered to the back. You can use the unused magnet to make something else magnetic. They are super strong.See my review of the rectangle style for a visual comparison of the round and rectangle side by side.Read more

  4. MG

    I’m not sure if it’s just too hot or if the sticky adhesive just sucks, but the sticky stuff falls off the plastic tab of the magnet nonstop and then my phone falls down while I’m driving. Not safe.Read more

  5. Dennis L. Skoglund

    Because my phone has a leather wallet case for protection, I was concerned there might not be enough magnet strength to hold the phone in place. As you can see from the photo, I was able to place the magnet plate in one of the wallet pockets. I then folded the pocket part back and secured it with a small binder clip that can be flipped down when not needed. Even though the weight is slightly above the recommended weight of 7 oz. it holds onto the magnet exceptionally well. I also do not have a very large space for mounting, so was pleased the mounting plate was not too wide. I tried a vent mount (different brand) and a power outlet mount and they were too putzy to attach the phone to the holder and didn’t hold position firmly. These are great for anyone who needs a quick secure mount (ie: in and out for delivery). I do geocaching and it’s great for navigating to the coordinates and remounting after getting out and in the car. It is easy to adjust your phone horizontally or vertically and the price is quite reasonable. I’ve only had this product a few days, but so far I am HIGHLY SATISFIED!!Read more

  6. Julie V

    This is the best magnet phone mount I’ve ever had. I put the magnet between my phone and the case (did NOT use the adhesive, as the magnet stays in place just fine) and now I’m able to see the navigation app on my phone perfectly.The back of the part that goes in the car is small enough to fit almost anywhere. That’s where I always had a problem in the past. The magnets are super strong too. While the phone is on it, I can try to move it up, down and sideways and it WILL NOT MOVE. The only way the phone comes off is to pull the phone straight UP. Perfect!Read more

  7. Katie

    These are great, if you have awkward vents, or they would not be in a great spot, especially for the drivers – these stick on ones are the perfect alternative. Plus you don’t have to worry about the magnet coming with your phone when you remove it to leave your vehicle, which tends to happen with the vent ones. Strong magnets, which is great. The vent ones are handy if you plan on renting a car as it is easy to pack with your chargers and then you have the GPS mount with you in the rental car. Not as optimal but it is better than getting lost and paying extra for the GPS package the rental company would charge.Read more

  8. Bruce

    These are not the first ones I have bought. I have had one for a couple of years and like the permanent mount, the mag holds great no matter how rough the road is the phone stays put. This purchase was one for my wife’s car and since putting it in she loves it as well. My only comment is I had to install upside down (meaning the little plastic catch for the cord is facing down) in order for me to get the correct angle so the phone is facing me directly both. The fords (explorer and escape) have a angled area to stick the base on and in order to over compensate that angle you get more movement for the perfect tilt, by putting them upside down…Read more

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