Mobile phone holder for car – fitfort typical silicone anti-slip automobile cellphone mount gps holder mounting in automobiles pickup compatible with iphone 12/12 pro max/11 pro/x/eight/7 plus, samsung s/notice telephones

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  • [2021 upgraded design] upgraded viscosity and firmness. Five sticky pads are at the lowest to make sure a robust stickiness without leaving any marks. In case of being soiled, they may get better as earlier than as soon as being washed with water. Near suit for the angle between cellphone and silicone adapts to a couple of road situations together with emergency braking, velocity bumps, and rugged mountain roads
  • [safe driving view] placed at the dashboard of your vehicle, this smartphone holder achieves an ergonomic view that doesn’t block your using sight and permits you to peer the cellphone without decreasing your head, maximizing your riding protection whilst you need to get right of entry to your smartphone navigation apps
  • [adjustable design] clean to perform with one hand. Really insert the 3 maintaining elements into the base and adjust the width so to fit your cellphone length. Clean to gather and disassemble, it’s so convenient and sensible, best to offer you a miles more secure driving revel in
  • [wide compatibility] the bendy and removable structure makes it well suited with diverse phones from 3. Five to 7 inches, consisting of iphone 12/12 pro max/eleven series/x series, samsung s20/s10/s9/s8, word 20/10/nine/8, and google pixel phones, and so forth.
  • [your trust-worthy choice] rest assured of the non-poisonous and ultrasoft silicone cellphone holder. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we are always here inclined to assist!
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product description

fitfort 2021 upgraded non-slip adjustable silicone car sprint pad was formally launched to bring you a secure and dependable using revel in. 5 robust pads built in the base backside makes it splendid solid even on bumpy roads; 3 width-adjustable keeping parts make it like minded with various gadgets while ensuring your riding protection; its cleanable, detachable, and reusable layout lets in for a worriless and exciting enjoy.

maximum suitable vicinity

being located at the dashboard of the auto, it achieves a scientific view that does not block your using sight and permits you to attention on using and to perform your device without decreasing your head, therefore making sure safety.

5 sticky factors are delivered at the bottom to ensure strong adsorption without leaving any marks. Close healthy for the perspective among cellphone and silicone adapts to a couple of avenue conditions which include emergency braking, velocity bumps, and rugged mountain roads.

the adjustable structure lets in you to freely adjust the width. The protecting hooks on both sides make sure that the tool is strong and stabilized to fit in a couple of street conditions which includes emergency braking, pace bumps, and rugged mountain roads.

this silicone smartphone stand works not most effective as a car smartphone holder, however it is able to also be used in your office, bed room, and dwelling room so as to watch motion pictures and release your arms. Or it could be used to house a few suitable objects inclusive of glasses.

normal cleanable dashboard mounts

suitable for maximum 3. Five to 7-inch mobile telephones, which includes the iphone 12/12 pro max/11 series/x collection, samsung s20/s10/s9/s8, notice 20/10/9/eight, and google pixel phones, etc., also suitable for maximum gps navigators, consisting of the garmin nuvi force drivesmart driveassist, the tomtom pass start, the magellan roadmate and so on; acceptable to maximum cars – specifically suvs inclusive of those made with the aid of ford, chevrolet, gm, subaru, volkswagen, benz, cadillac, and kia.



7 reviews for Mobile phone holder for car – fitfort typical silicone anti-slip automobile cellphone mount gps holder mounting in automobiles pickup compatible with iphone 12/12 pro max/11 pro/x/eight/7 plus, samsung s/notice telephones

  1. Cheryl Creek

    I love this!!!! I had purchased the ones that go one air vents about a year ago and had started having a problem of them falling out and on my new car it blocked too much of the air vent. Now I can put my phone in a better location easier to get to and it stays in place! Definitely recommend this purchase.Read more

  2. S. Blizzard

    I haven’t had this item long enough to speak for how this holds up over time, but it does have a very strong magnet, which I have no doubt will hold my iPhoneX with no apparent issues.Pros:-Very slim magnet, takes up literally no extra room in pocket or purse.- Super strong magnet, no slippage at all.- The mount that adheres to the car has a very small blueprint, so will fit in small areas.-The “swivel ball” part of the mount is made of metal and looks like it will hold up well.Cons:- The magnet needed to be placed on the outside of my very femine phone case and certainly does not enhance the look. I have a Casemate, and it did not feel as strong as I wanted it to be when placing it on the inside of the case.-I have a magnetic phone charger that is no longer useable with the magnet on the back of the phone. Still able to charge by plugging in the cord, but now have a useless charger.- Instructions were lacking somewhat. None of the pieces were labeled so with several small discs and nothing telling what they were for, it took a few minutes and looking through the Q&A section on Amazon to figure out what the extra discs were for.For anyone else that wonders what the discs are for…The small ones are extra “glue” in case you need to move the mount.The larger ones, I’m still not totally sure about, but I think they go between your phone and the magnet to aid in the removal of the magnet from your phone without leaving any residue.Overall, this seems to be a good product and I look forward to using it for a long time.Read more

  3. TimJustTim

    I originally bought this for my phone (Samsung Galaxy Note 9). It worked great for my huge phone and would even hold it over bumps or potholes here in Oklahoma! Well I drive a Camaro and got tired of my huge phone taking up so much of my viewing area along with my radar detector being stuck on my windshield that I thought “I bet it the size and height would be PERFECT for my detector to sit on!” So I slapped one of the magnets on the bottom and VIOLA! I have the PERFECT spot to put my radar detector and the mount holds it perfectly in place! I can easily pull it off and put away when I am parked, and slap it right back on when I am ready to hit the road. For the price vs. quality, this mount is GREAT and I am even thinking of purchasing another one for my phone once I figure out where I want to mount it!! Anyway you won’t be disappointed at all and the product even comes in a nice little box with 2 magnets and an extra mounting tape piece. If you were second guessing, just get it! It is worth it…..Read more

  4. potato head

    FITFORT innovative magnetic car mount holder is very tiny but flexible, convenient and practical. After about one week of use, I felt that It’s absolutely safe and strong for my phone. With wide rotation design and easy operation, the holder always allows me to watch my iPhone without blocking my driving sight. I love it very much!Read more

  5. NewVoros

    I am pretty happy with this holder so far. It looks great and tiny not like my previous cumbersome plastic cup suction phone mount. The installation was fast and painless. It requires a really small spot on the dashboard and stickers included in the package make it easier to stick it on uneven and not really flat spot. The tricky part for me was to keep my Samsung Galaxy S7 with the Spigen case to be able to charge wireless and i was surprised that it could be accomplished. I just placed the sticker from the package to the bottom of my case and it works perfectly. No issues with the phone not moving on the holder and it could be charged on my wireless station as before even without removing case from the phone. So I am a happy camper.Read more

  6. Anthony G.

    I’m a driving enthusiast and needed a phone mount that could hold my iPhone securely. After trying several air vent and windshield mounts I found them lacking. Every mount I tried would either obstruct my view, wobble over bumps, look cheap, or all of the above. Then I tried this one and I am absolutely in love! The textured finish matches my 135i dashboard almost perfectly and the mounting surface looks very sharp when the phone is not on it. It holds the phone rock steady over bumps and strong lateral Gs. Also, its so small that I was able to mount it in a location which didn’t obstruct even an inch of my view of the road. The only downside is that I hate physically attaching something to my dashboard with epoxy, as it can be a PITA to get epoxy off without compromising the finish. However, that’s a problem endemic to this type of device and its something I can live with. I would highly recommend this mount and I even bought one for my Dad for Christmas!Read more

  7. Paul Pakozdi

    Works well. Great with a Pixel 2 XL in Googles soft, grey case since it is possible to attach the circular metal disc to the INSIDE surface of the case. Because the case is fabric on the back, the magnetic force is adequate to hold the phone in place. Unlike “grasping” holders this one works great with the Pixel’s Active Edge as getting it attached does not require any pressure on the edges of your phone which might inadvertently activate the Google Assistant.Driving curvy (not terribly bumpy) mountain roads did not cause the phone to dislodge. So far it’s always stayed put. Note that I heated the dash and the mount with a hair dryer before attaching the mount since instructions clearly say not to attach at temperatures below 70 degrees F.Note that one negative is that, if the base is horizontal, then the pivot point does not allow for the face of the phone to be completely vertical (see the product photo). So plan your placement carefully. This is not at all a problem for my dash. If you make sure adhesion is strong when mounting (pay attention to temperature and cleanliness) then a somewhat slanted surface for the mount should work too.I’m very happy with this mount and would strongly recommend it to others, especially with those who have phones with active edge tech like Google Pixels.Read more

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