Scosche magdmb magicmount well-known magnetic mount holder for cell gadgets in frustration free packaging, black

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  • smartphone mount for flexible use: appropriately and quick relaxed a cell tool to any flat floor in the car, home or office
  • magnetic mount: this cellphone mount comes with powerful uncommon-earth neodymium magnets that provide a secure grip in your gadgets
  • best viewing: with 4-axis, 360 degree adjustable head and more desirable smooth touch rubber lock-nut, this sprint mount permits viewing from any angle
  • convenient layout: included cable clip secures the charging cable to the scosche magicmount and the cradle-unfastened layout allows secure, smooth one-surpassed use and access to all controls and ports
  • blanketed in package: (1) smartphone mount, (2) magicplates, (1) defensive movie, (1) alcohol cleansing wipe and (1) user guide; comes with three year warranty
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  • secures a telephone holder to a spread of surfaces
  • 360 degree adjustable head
  • comfortable grip with robust magnets
  • cradle-unfastened design
  • scosche magdmb magicmount normal magnetic mount holder, black

    the magicmount is a magnetic car phone mount for with no trouble mounting your telephone and other devices to the dashboard of your car, truck, boat or rv. The powerful neodymium magnets hold your cellphone securely in location. The 4-axis, 360-degree adjustable head rotates to locate the premiere viewing attitude. Cradle-loose design permits secure, clean one-surpassed device use and get entry to to all controls and ports.


    magnetic phone mount comes with magnets that provide a relaxed grip to your devices.

    360 degree adjustable head with smooth contact rubber lock-nut offers easy viewing from any perspective.

    integrated cable clip for charging cable and cradle-unfastened layout for one-surpassed use.

    approximately scosche industries

    founded in 1980, scosche become born from, and runs on our passion for cool cars, great sounds, the extraordinary exterior, travel, motor sports activities, horsepower and voltage. We’re a agency of gear-heads, drivers, surfers, racers, riders, tech buffs, tech users, innovators, and relentless pursuers of perfection. We never get caught inside the beyond or in the mud.

    product description

    the magicmount is a new magnetic vehicle smartphone mount for with no trouble mounting your cellphone and devices to the dashboard of your automobile, truck, boat or rv. The effective neodymium magnets maintain your telephone and device securely in vicinity. The four-axis, 360 degree adjustable head and mounting arm allow for most efficient viewing. Cradle-loose layout allows safe, smooth one-passed tool use and get entry to to all controls and ports.


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    4 reviews for Scosche magdmb magicmount well-known magnetic mount holder for cell gadgets in frustration free packaging, black

    1. Kate Mahoney

      I did a lot of research before buying a dash mount for my iPhone 6 (well technically I didn’t buy it but I put it in my Amazon wishlist for my sister to get me for Christmas since she drew my name). I drive a brand new Mazda CX-5 grand touring edition with beautiful black leather interior. It’s a sexy car and I wanted something that would fit the look of my car and not be too big or clunky and destroy the clean lines of the dash and console. I loved this idea and was really excited to receive it for Christmas and try it out! Unfortunately it wasn’t quite what I hoped initially. Allow me to explain.I had picked out the perfect spot where I wanted to put this on the dash, which is a very smooth, yet somewhat textured (to look like leather) firm rubbery surface (see pics). It says right on the package, “Mounts to textured surfaces” so I thought it would be no problem as this surface is relatively flat and is BARELY textured. I followed the instructions to the letter, but the mount wouldn’t stick to the dash well enough to hold it’s own weight for 10 seconds let alone the weight of my phone! It fell off immediately. I tried again, holding it down for like 3 minutes this time and still, wouldn’t even stick for 2 seconds.I wrote to the company and they sent me a replacement mount to try. When it arrived, I tried it again, once more following the steps to the letter. Additionally, after pressing firmly for a few minutes, I left the mount alone for several hours before I tried putting my phone on it. When I came back to my car I was delighted to see that it was still stuck! I put my phone on it and drove home from work. However, within 15 minutes (and a few speed bumps and pot holes later) it had fallen off… :(I was officially frustrated at this point but decided to try sticking it to a hard and completely smooth plastic surface just below where I had been trying to mount it before and it stuck quite well and held my phone, but because I had already stuck it to the other surface, it had lost some of its tack and wasn’t going to hold forever, so I wrote to the company AGAIN explaining my problem and they sent me a 3rd mount to try.This time I just went straight for that hard, smooth plastic surface (even though it isn’t where I wanted to put it because it blocks one of the air vents a little) and it is AWESOME! I really have debated what rating to give this product because now that it’s stuck, it works like a dream and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I truly think it’s the ideal mounting system for phones and tablets, but man what a PAIN getting to this point! And their promise that it would stick to textured surfaces proved to be very much untrue for me. If I had stuck it to that hard plastic surface from the start I would’ve given it 5 stars for sure!!Here’s what I wish I had known about this from the beginning but learned through much trial and error:- If you’re mounting it on a vertical surface (see my pictures) it really has to be completely smooth.- I wish the instructions had given more information about which magnetic plate to use for which devices. I started by putting the large plate on my iPhone 6 but that was NOT necessary. The tiny plate has more than enough magnetic strength to hold an iPhone 6 in a slim case even when plugged in.- Even though this is advertised to usable immediately, I HIGHLY recommend you stick it per the instructions and then WAIT OVER NIGHT before allowing it to bear weight.- Based on a few trials, I find that the best placement for the metal plate is at the bottom of the phone (see pics) with the long side horizontal. I tried at the center and with the plate’s long side pointing up and down vertically and I like the way this sits much better. I have mine stuck to the back of my clear plastic case.- Customer service was very helpful and prompt, so if it doesn’t work for you for some reason, don’t give up and write a bad review before talking to them about it because I promise once you get it to work you will LOVE it!!Other things I love about it:- Sleek, sexy, minimal design- STRONG magnets but not so strong that you have trouble pulling the device off with one hand- The options this gives you for degrees of rotation are limitless! LOVE that!- Magnetic plate that attaches to the device is SO THIN I barely notice it at all. It doesn’t get in the way of slipping it in and out of pockets, purses, backpacks etc., and doesn’t look completely obnoxious.In summary, I think this mount is probably the best dash mount out there, but unfortunately it didn’t quite live up to its advertising for me. I was going to give it 3 stars, but decided on 4 because customer service was so great and because in the end, even after all the headache and disappointment I really really love it! I hope this helps someone else in the market! I did NOT receive this item for free or at a discount.Read more

    2. Cliffeem

      The unit detached from the double stick 3m tape over night. The tape adhered very solidly to the dash, but the unit unit side detached. Since the kit came with extra 3m tape, tried it again but same problem. Returned the unit.I ordered a Scosche with a suction type but this one also did not hold.My observation is the the Scosche products are not designed very well. I have two other suction type dashcam and cellphone holder that have have not come off on my other car.Read more

    3. Donald Hollingsworth

      The mount seems well designed and the magnetic portion works well. The adhesive in the unit I received was useless. I followed the directions exactly and the mount would not stick. I tried to use it after holding the mount with hard pressure but it literally fell over. Scosche is mailing me new adhesive (I was impressed with Scosche’s service). If the replacement adhesive works to stick on a dash at an angle then the mount will be great.Read more

    4. Jason

      Solid item. Very happy with it. Of all the mounts I have tried, I have learned a number of things about my personal preferences.1) Item must have an adhesive backing. Adhesives can be replaced if they ever fail (haven’t experienced that yet), but suction cups fail far more frequently. Suction cups require larger surface area, i.e. not optimal for vertical dash facing you. When you’re mindful of which states are technically illegal to have window-based mounts, suction cups start to fall behind quite a bit.2) Item must have a swivel lock, as seen in the images here where you can torque that spinning nut down to keep the position in place. I’ve had several mounts that just have a neck that is resistant, but turns and adjusts with enough pressure. These wear out quickly. No thanks. I like being able to lock it down tighter by hand to keep the best position.This mount has both of these items. It’s simple and cost effective. Very happy with it.Pro tip – When installing, look at this from a logical perspective. I mounted mine, I was feeling awesome about myself, thought I was a rock star engineer, oh yeah I’m awesome. Slap phone in place, brilliant! You’re a genius, Jason. Pull down the column to put it in drive, slapped my phone out of the mount. Derp. Luckily I had plenty of talc left on the mount when I gently pried it off the dash to mount it to a more fitting location, but point being, make sure you think about those kinds of things.Read more

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