Telephone holder for automobile, supbec vehicle cup smartphone mount 2021 improve established adjustable cell smartphone car mount well suited with all iphone 11/12 pro max/xr/x/8/7, samsung galaxy s21/s10 /notice & greater-black

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  • [easy one-touch lock/release] with immediately launch button and adjustable clamp fingers, the cup telephone holder for car makes it very clean to insert and eliminate your phone with single hand. Press the button at the returned of the automobile cellphone holder to slip open robotically after which take out cellular cellphone, at the same time as you can lessen it width to clamp the telephone. The sponge-padded surface and grips of the cradle prevent slipping and scratches.
  • [360° flexible rotation adjustable] up to six-inch long adjustable gooseneck(12” overall top) offering a ball swivel for 360-degree rotation jointed arm for smooth motion and it will offer the great viewing angle you want to keep you safe driving. It also permits short switching among portrait and landscape view, jgiving you the most comfortable and perfect visual enjoy. The usage of high hardness cloth, the neck of automobile telephone mount ​will swing in no way all through using.
  • [expandable adjustable durable base] securely keep your phone within the vehicle phone holder mount with extra strong layout, which able to maximize hold stability in various using situations. It is smooth to install, simply twist the base clockwise to amplify the bottom and counter-clockwise to shrink the base. After connected anti-slip rubber extender pad, the stretchable range of the bottom is from 2. Five” to a few. Five”, you can adjust distinctive size to suit your diverse vehicle cup holder.
  • [unobstructed vision and clear navigation] up to 6”(12” total) high durable lengthy gooseneck sends the car mount for phone in the direction of you with out blockading your sight. A more scientific mounting answer and blazes beyond other conventional dashboard car mounts. An anti-slip pad to absolutely keep your device in area, the robust arm and solid ball joint can growth its sturdiness, ensuring that the cell smartphone continues the same position for the duration of riding, prevent the cellphone from falling.
  • [universal cell phone holder for car] via vast testing, this smartphone car mount is appropriate for width size from 2. 1″- three. 6″ devices, well suited with iphone eleven / 11 pro max / 12 / 12 seasoned max / xr / xs max / x / 8 / 7 / eight plus/ 7 plus /6 plus, samsung galaxy s21 / s20 / s10 extremely 5g / word 20 / 10 plus / s10+ / s9 / s9+ / s8 / s8+ / s7, sony / google pixel / nexus and so on. In shape for most cell phones with screens up to 6. Five” and thick case, and it will max aid completely 0. Eight” thick and 1 kg device.
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product description

really tap the contact-touchy button to launch your phone on arrival,lets in you to effortlessly mount and take away your telephone with one easy hand motion.

easy get admission to for your cellphone’s charging port for fuss-loose charging on the road.

you may vicinity your phone in any orientation , giving you the maximum at ease and ideal viewing revel in

excessive pleasant silicone padding provides additional help in your tool.

flexible goosenick and 360 adjustment mount,offer you comfortable viewing angles at the same time as using.

the stretchable range of the bottom is from 2. Five” to 3. 5″ which make this phone holder suitable for maximum motors with cup holder. Twist the base clockwise to increase the bottom and counter-clockwise to reduce the base.

in shape for most cell phones with screens up to six. Five” and thick case, and it’ll max guide absolutely 0. Eight” thick and 1 kg tool.

up to 6”(12” general) high durable long gooseneck sends the telephone mount tons toward you without blocking off your sight. A more scientific mounting solution and blazes past other traditional dashboard car mounts.

set up instrustions

1. Preserve the automobile mount together with your fingers and unscrew the lock washing machine at the returned. (do no longer throw away this washer)

set up instrustions

2. Location round ball on lever through lock washer.

installation instrustions

3. Insert the ball into the slot in the lower back of the mount,tighten the lock washer lower back onto the mount,the unit is now assembled.

set up instrustions

four. Genuinely open the sides with the button at the lower back of the mount and area your cellular smartphone or tool inside the mount and near the perimeters to comfy it. Then use the short release button on the back to cast off your device.


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8 reviews for Telephone holder for automobile, supbec vehicle cup smartphone mount 2021 improve established adjustable cell smartphone car mount well suited with all iphone 11/12 pro max/xr/x/8/7, samsung galaxy s21/s10 /notice & greater-black

  1. erica

    Pros:- Can adapt to mobile phones of different sizes, especially large-screen mobile phones, mine is Samsung s10 ultra, perfectly adapted.- do protect phone from minor falls, it has anti-skid lines to ensure that the phone remains stable during driving- The stable adjustable gooseneck allows you to adjust any angle to suit anyone’s driving habits- because I don’t like using the phone holder that connects to the windshield since it bounces and I have reach for it if I want to change anything on the phone. The other phone holders that connect the the vents don’t work for me because of my vents are right above my display screen.-The bottom can be adjusted to any size to adapt to different vehicles. My Tesla model 3 can be used without any problemscons- Occupies the position of a car cup holder, so you will lack a place to put drinks, but the impact is not big, I think it is relatively convenientThis car phone mount holder is not only provide a good protection to my phone from major fall, but also relieves the burden of my driven. I almost replace it at once, which is make my life more convenient. Highly recommend : ) Super suitable for businessman, Novice driver!!!Read more

  2. HonestAbe

    I installed this in my trusty old 2009 Ford Taurus’s cup holder. It went quickly. The mount comes with 3 self-stick pads to be used when the cup holder’s diameter is unusually large. They fill the gap that larger cup holders would create at the 3 contact points where the phone holder’s base presses against the cup holder wall. Luckily, I didn’t need to use them, but it’s a thoughtful feature that some buyers will be happy to have.To extend the 3 grippers you simply turn the knurled wheel at the base of the gooseneck. Righty-tighty & lefty-loosy. It turns easily and tightens nicely. The gooseneck can be bent and curved in all sorts of ways to accommodate you. There’s a push button on the top in the back of the holder to release the 2 clamping side arms holding the phone. You set the phone into the holder and simply squeeze the 2 arms inward against the phone. You can rotate the phone for a landscape screen view if you wish. The lower ledge, on which the phone stands, can be adjusted up and down as well, and allows for charging the phone while mounted. That’s it!My only gripe is that there is some wobble in the base. It’s not where the grippers press against the walls of the cup holder. That part stays motionless. It’s internal where the gooseneck connects to the base. Despite that, the phone stays pretty darn steady, except on the bumpiest of roads.My wife and I really like this cell phone mount. We got tired of windshield mounts losing their suction and falling, which is begging your phone’s screen to please crack! Hah! As for the lost cup holder? It’s worth it!Read more

  3. Allen Irons

    I have a car and my mobile phone is always hanging on the air conditioner. It is inconvenient for me to drop my mobile phone frequently.So I bought this product, and it’s really great to use,Because it doesn’t fall offAnd it rotates, which is so convenient,Even if your friends are sitting in the passenger seat watching TV,Is worth to recommendRead more

  4. Minsadeg

    I decided to try this product because I was really tired of my GPS falling off the windshield when the suction cup lost it’s grip. The various Amazon reviews encouraged me to decide to try it and I’m really glad I did. At first I thought it might not be strong enough. I have an old car that bounces a lot on the bad roads around here, but it held up exceptionally well and was very secure. It was easy to install and adjust to the horizontal positioning which is best for my GPS. It won’t be difficult to change to vertical if I want to use another device in it. I also like that this arrangement lowers it from being on the windshield to on the dash. The glow of the GPS is less distracting this way. I recommend giving it a try yourself.Read more

  5. Maggie Washelesky

    When I’m driving, I often need to use my cell phone,It used to be so inconvenient to use my cell phone that I couldn’t concentrate on driving,Now, this product is completely hands-free,All I have to do is put my phone on this shelf, and I can use it while driving, whether I’m answering calls or using navigation,I know why life is getting better now, because there are more and more such products.Read more

  6. M. A. LaBranche

    Everybody loves it, it holds my phone in place great, and bonus I have 3 cup holes in the front, so it doesn’t take up any room that I actually need. It’s sturdy and adjustable, so my phone fits fine in it, even with a wallet case on it.Read more

  7. Innkeeper

    It wiggles alot when installed due to the flex arm and the grips on the side interfere with the buttons plus the grips don’t work well if you have a protector case on your phone as they are just too short. Other than that, it’s a good deal for the money.Read more

  8. Anna

    This is really well made! So easy to install..the phone is held securely and the charging cord fits right between the bottom holding prongs perfectly. Simply squeeze the side holders to secure the phone. And a button on back simply releases it. And it’s very stable – the phone doesn’t wiggle around at all while driving. Great purchase – fit my needs exactly.Read more

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